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Kitchen Kraft WLL

Wide range of Kitchen Equipments


Athens Flate Plate 17cm

Athens Flate Plate 20cm

Athens Flate Plate 25cm

Athens Deep Plate 23cm

Athens Gourmet Pure Flate Plate 28cm

Athens Gourmet Pure Flate Plate 32cm

Athens Gourmet Bowl 26cm

Athens Gourment Rimmed Flat Plate 31cm

Athens Oval Platter 25x15cm

Athens Oval Platter 30x18cm

Athens Oval Platter 35x21cm

Athens Gourmet Bowl 17cm

Athens Gourment Rimmed Deep Plate 27cm

Athens Mug 290cc with Sectional Saucer 13x11

Athens Mug 290cc

Napoli Flate Plate 24x24cm

Napoli Flate Plate 27x27cm

Napoli Rectangular Platter 27x20cm

Napoli Rectangular Platter 30x22cm

Napoli Gourmet Square Plate 15x15cm